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Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership – it’s bookkeeping.”

Dee Hock,

Founder of Visa. 

When it comes to running a small business, you can get so caught up in different matters that taking the time to note down expenses and keep financial records seems like an afterthought. In fact, some small business owners rely on estimates instead of stringent financial practices. This leads to a lot of businesses failing because the numbers are inaccurate and they can’t continue operation.

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Hiring a trusted bookkeeper can prevent this and keep your financial records precise and free of error. Ensuring your numbers are accurate and that you’re diligently monitoring your transactions, will better equip you to steer your business in the direction you want. Being confident that your records are correct means you can give focus to other areas of your business that need it.

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Quality bookkeepers get it right the first time and don’t need to go back and fix costly mistakes, saving you a headache. They know where transactions go instead of guessing, giving you peace of mind as a business owner. Because you’ll have all your numbers organised, you can make sound business decisions without having to second-guess yourself and your data. 

Why use a bookkeeper in small business? 

Bookkeepers are highly organised and meticulously keep financial records. They ensure that your business is free of inaccuracies and errors. Handing over the task of tracking expenses to someone you can trust will ease your worries about making mistakes, and because bookkeepers like us love to work with numbers—we won’t be careless about them.


Some advantages of working with a bookkeeper are:

More time on other aspects of your business

Because you’ve left the organisation of your numbers to us, you can focus on other important areas of your business.

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Fewer errors

We specialise in our craft and are experts at finding errors in your finances and correcting them when necessary.

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Spotless records

With clean records, it’ll be easier for you to continue to grow or sell your business in the future (if you wish). 

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Maintenance of statements and taxes

We take excellent care of all of your statements, daily records of expenses, and any other financial document you might need filed away in the business accounting journal.

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Identifying cash flow issues right away

We handle your day-to-day expenses so we have a good understanding of what’s going right (or wrong) and can address any issue or concern quickly.

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Preparing for an audit

Working with a bookkeeper means you’ll be organised and up-to-date should the tax department request an audit. 

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Securing loans faster

If you want to secure a loan from a bank or any other financial institute, showing them accurate financial information that’s error-free will increase your chances. 

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Money saved

Because you’ve got an expert to handle your finances, there’s a reduced risk of any miscalculations and misplaced records, as well as sound financial advice.

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While bookkeeping and accounting are often used interchangeably and require similar skills, they’re still different (but vital) lines of work. They often go hand-in-hand and function at their best when together. Bookkeepers organise and record business transactions and file them. Accountants take these files and interpret the data into a financial report. 

When you outsource your bookkeeping, you’re hiring an expert who can take on a role you might have been distributing to another team member or yourself. An outsourced bookkeeper is efficient right away and will be monitored by an expert to take care of any inconsistencies. You also have access to a global pool of talent and can find someone whose best practices align with yours. And, even more importantly, someone who’s more than happy to work with numbers (which can be rare). 

Outsourcing bookkeeping services allows you peace of mind, confidence that your cash flow is steady, and a chance to scale and grow your business.

How our small business bookkeeping services work

When it comes to simplifying your finances to make them digestible and easy to track, we can definitely help you. With a holistic approach to your business, we can improve your processes, maintain an organised filing system, and work with you to identify potential growth opportunities.  


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We know how important your business is to you and we’ll treat it with the same care that you do. It’s just as important to us as our own business. We’re your partner through this endeavour and want to watch you succeed. Building a valuable, lasting relationship with you through providing accurate storytelling through numbers and financial advice is significant to us. 

And while numbers can be overwhelming to you, they excite us—so we’re definitely going to be as committed as you are to your business.

We want your business to thrive and reach its full potential so we’re committed to analysing your numbers and providing you with strategies to help you grow.

Here’s how we’ll work with you: 

  1. We conduct an initial conversation with you.

  2. We ask questions to better understand you, your business, and the pain points that you are experiencing.

  3. We have a formal meeting with you once you’re comfortable with us and perform an audit of your current financial practices and position by looking at profits and losses, balance sheets, and financial projections. We also ask about any insights you may have on your cash flow. 

  4. We create a workable solution based on our review and walk you through our proposal so you understand what you’re investing in.

  5. We help you achieve your goals by creating the space for growth. When you’re not stressed about your accounting, you have more time to worry about growing your business. 

May Lindstrom

“Outsourcing my bookkeeping and accounting to HY Accounting gives me peace of mind knowing that my financials are well-managed and I have professional advice at my fingertips. They know my business well and have consistently supported me throughout my business journey.”

Karlie Stephens, Naturopath Sydney.

If you want to have a clear understanding of what kind of story your business is telling through its numbers and a trusted partner that wants to see your business grow, we’re ready to help you grow. . 

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