Tax Accounting

Our bread and butter service, and one that we’ve crafted to perfection after being in business for over 20 years. Tax Accounting is what everybody goes to an accountant for, but sadly the quality can vary quite considerably.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

We’ve returned 10s of millions in refunds to our clients over 20 years and continue to return over 1 million dollars each year back to our clients. We work for you, and not the ATO!

However, our role requires us to uphold the rules set by the ATO.

Our difference is proactive support, experience and commitment to constantly making sure that we’re up to date with the latest changes in tax law.

We speak to individuals and businesses daily that come to us because their current tax accountant does nothing more then fill out a form. No advice, no guidance, no support. They tick a few boxes, lodge a return and expect to get paid.

At HY Accounting, Tax Accounting is not just about filling our a form and lodging a return. Tax Accounting is about understanding how tax law can be applied to your situation, to your business and understanding whether recent changes can make a difference to your overall tax bill.

Choose an accountant that has refined their process through decades of experience, because not all tax accountants are created equal, and not all tax advice is the same.

Why Use a Tax Advisor?

A Tax Advisor is more than just a tax agent.

Not only will they help support your business by identifying your liabilities, obligations, and entitlements based on tax laws, but they’re proactive, able to help you better predict and anticipate your tax bills in advance.

While many tax agents are reactive and focus on filling out a form to meet the rules set by the ATO. The Tax Advisor looks at your situation and goals and comes up with the most effective and most tax optimised outcome for you and your family group.

Tax Compliance

Your tax agent ensures that you pay your taxes accurately and in a timely manner while also educating you about the laws and regulations your business must adhere to. An experienced tax agent will explain this to you in an informative (but not condescending) way.

Tax Planning

It’s important to develop a financial strategy that maximises your tax efficiency. This will allow you to legally minimise the taxes you need to pay at a given time.

Tax Advisory

The right advice at the wrong time makes no difference. The right advice at the right time can be the difference between large tax bills or bad decisions that could end your business.

Your tax agent can help you implement an actionable plan that aligns with your business goals and improves your tax position (despite how the laws constantly change).

Extension on Standard Deadlines

Tax agents also get an extension on the standard deadlines because if you lodge your tax return with an agent, then the October 31st deadline doesn’t apply to you.

More Time to Focus on Core Business

Most of all, outsourcing a tax agent gives you the flexibility and space to grow your business without the anxiety of tax errors (and its subsequent costly or legal consequences) hanging over your head.

Our Process

Our tax services ensure that you can build your small business and keep it financially secure. We want to help you achieve your business and financial goals so we tailor our services specifically to your needs.

With more than 20 years of experience, our tax specialists have the knowledge and skills to understand the changeable tax laws and help our clients understand how it affects their business and their own tax requirements. We pride ourselves on improving your tax position in the best possible way within the law so that we don’t put you and your business at risk.

Initial Conversation

We conduct an initial conversation with you. We ask questions to better understand you, your business, and the pain points that you are experiencing.

Formal Meeting

We have a formal meeting with you once you’re comfortable with us and perform an audit of your current financial practices and position by looking at profits and losses, balance sheets, and financial projections. We ask about any insights you may have on your cash flow. For businesses, we include a complimentary basic tax planning annually prior to the June 30 deadline to help you better prepare for any potential additional tax and strategies available to optimise your tax position.

Designing a Solution

We create a workable solution based on our review and walk you through our proposal so you understand what you’re investing in.

Achieve Your Goals

We help you achieve your goals by creating the space for growth. When you’re not stressed about your accounting, you have more time to focus on growing your business.


We help you achieve your goals by creating the space for growth. When you’re not stressed about your accounting, you have more time to worry about growing your business.

Our Process

The journey to work with us starts by reaching out.

Whether you email, call, send us a message, somebody in our team will get back to you promptly. The best part is, all of our conversations are FREE unless we advise you otherwise.

01The Power Chat

This short and sharp conversation is for us to get to know you more. We’ll ask some questions and give you some initial feedback based on your responses.

From there, we’ll determine whether you’re a good fit.


I love homework (said nobody ever).

Don’t worry, our homework is simple. We may give you more questions to answer to help us better understand your goals, but the main form of homework is just giving us access to your software, so we can take a look.

03Confidence-Building Consult

After we’ve reviewed your numbers and data, our next step is to provide you with our feedback and give you immediate strategies on what could be improved.

This is also the opportunity for you to see the quality of your existing accounting. 9 times out of 10 people are shocked with the story their numbers are telling them because they haven’t had proper accounting completed.

04Design a Solution

No client is the same, and each solution is tailored to your business and needs.


Once your proposal is accepted (all electronic), we’ll start the onboarding process. You don’t have to notify your existing accountant if you don’t want to. We’ll take care of the process for you, making it easy!

We’ll invite you to attend our onboarding meeting, where you’ll get an opportunity to meet with the main people who’ll be supporting you.

06Ongoing Support

We’re never far away. We’re always available to have a chat with, and we do our best to acknowledge you within 48 hours. Because you no longer have to stress about your accounting, you can focus on more important things.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, it’s as easy as saying hey!

We’ll get in touch and ask you a few questions to better understand you, and to see whether we’re a good fit. We’re interested in working with those who want to build a long term partnership and not just a tax outcome.

From there, we’ll need access to some data or reports for us to put together our proposal.

Our Proposal meeting is more than ‘here it is, have a think about it and get back to us’. We provide you with a review of the story in your numbers, highlighting anything that needs to be addressed, so whether you work with us or not, you know the true story that your business is telling you.

Our Proposals are all sent for electronic signature, and once accepted you move to our onboarding meeting, where you get to meet the key players in the team who are there to support you.

Once that is done, we get stuck into the work. Operating behind the scenes, but only ever a phone, SMS, Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram, or email away.

The best part is, depending on how ready you are, we can usually do this process within 2 weeks.

Permission to be blunt — how frequently you hear from us is dictated by how much you’re willing to pay. We’re not trying to be rude about it, but it’s plain and simple. We value our time and our knowledge, and if you want smart advice, you’ve got to have skin in the game.

But, we’re always available via phone, SMS, Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram, or email, and we’re regularly sending out communications and invitations to events.

We’re certain we are, otherwise why would you be on our page reading this right now?

In truth, you don’t until you give us a go. Every new beginning starts with a single step.

But if you need more convincing, we can send you through testimonials and client references.

A few things, really:

  • We’ve scaled our own business, so we know what works.
  • We’ve been in the game for more than 20 years and have some of the sharpest accounting and tax brains you can find.
  • We’ve created our own framework for freedom.
  • We believe in only win/win situations — it’s in our best interest that you succeed.
  • Likewise, we know that you may be looking for an ‘accountant’ but what you really mean is a financial manager.

We’ve got packages from $200/month through to $2000+/month.

It’s hard to say until we start looking into your business, but what we can say is this:

  • You’ll never get a bill from us that you didn’t know about.
  • We don’t charge for phone calls and meetings, so you can ask us questions.
  • We put the power back to you, meaning until you agree to a fee, we won’t start the work.

Of course! Let us know, and we’ll give you a couple clients to speak with.

We’ve worked across multiple industries, and in reality, a business sells time or ‘stuff’ (products).

We understand the differences in both business models because we’ve worked across both business models.

In fact, we’re regularly cross implementing advice, meaning we implement product methodology into service businesses and vice versa, because sometimes the answers require you to think laterally.

We’re a tech-driven firm. Majority of your interaction with us will be via phone, email, zoom/MS Teams.

We’re a Xero Partner, and work predominantly in Xero, but have experience working across Quickbooks and MYOB.

All our lodgements are sent electronically for you to sign, and all the programs we use to run our business are cloud-based, meaning the team can work remotely across the globe (which they do).

For us, work is where the Wi-Fi is.

We work with clients across the country, and when we can, we try to get out there to our clients in different states. But if you’re in Sydney, there’s a good chance we’ll get to catch up for a coffee (or beer).

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